Bill of the Beach 30

And now for a flashback to a very important event in Bill's life. Introductory panels have not been done yet, but he is talking to his favorite girl here.

New Bill of the Beach, the final panel

This is actually how I always planned it to end. That does not mean BotB is done, I want to insert the other adventures of Bill in the middle. Very much open to ideas please post them here!

The entire series is here.

New Bill of the Beach 14

Here is another one. I have 3 more sketched out to complete the story.

Full series is here.

Next! New version

Some more distortion and painting fixes, while trying to preserve the original pencil. Old version is here. This is one of the first mass orgies I drew, and I still feel one of the best. This was also really popular on the now-dead site Epic Lust. Best guess for the date or the original is 1993.

Sex for him took all day, and lots of organization beforehand.

He is 6'1,  56" chest, 24" neck, 25" waist, 30" biceps, 20" forearms, 27" thighs, 22" calves, and a 16.4" cock that is 10" around. Standing girl is 5'5, 40-18-28.

Huge and Curved new version

This is the very first thing I posted here, but it was about the last thing I drew without using a computer. Some editing and color correction, mostly to fix his stance and to thicken his cock.

The fragile denim did not stand a chance when he got an erection.

He is 6'3" tall, 49" chest, 25" waist, 26" arms, 24" thighs, 22" calves, and a 18" long and 13.2" around cock. She is 6'1" in her heels and measures 41-19-36.

Original is here.

Seduction new version

Another update of an old picture, likely from 1994 or so. Previous version is here. Some color correction, bg cleanup, and editing to fix his upper legs to be the same length as his lower. I still like this picture because it is more realistic than most.

Once again I measured the sizes of what I created and scribbled it in the corner:
He is now 6'0, but has a 24" arm, 54" chest, 24" waist, 24" thighs, 22" calves, and a 14" long and 3¼ inch thick cock. She is 5'10 and measures 46-18-30.

Bursting Out new version

I fixed up an old pencil (here is a less-fixed version) in particular I now know how to get Photoshop to clean up the background, and I'm much better at repositioning and distortion removal. This only took 1/2 hour I will be back to Bill of the Beach soon. I was somewhat fascinated by the detail I put into the pencils and the more realistic shading as opposed to the toon color I am doing now.

Likely date of this is 1995. He is probably the largest muscles I have ever drawn in colored pencil. She is also busting her clothes in her own way.

• He is 6'2, with 33" arms, 23" forearms, 66" chest, 27" waist, 26" thighs, 24" calves, a 16" dick that is 10" around.
• She is 6'4 and measures 50-22-36

New Bill of the Beach 13

Sorry I am not completing these as fast as I want to.

New Bill of the Beach 12

And the adventure continues... But we are getting close to the amazing conclusion!

Hey still looking for ideas! I really want to make new stuff, they will be inserted in at the "new episodes inserted here" point in the full strip, which is here.

New Bill of the Beach 11

He completes the orgy's first pass, and a touching moment. Full series here.

New Bill of the Beach 10

The orgy continues! All new page showing that Sheena is a good planner and provided food. BTW I am working on this, I have it sketched to the amazing conclusion. Hope to colour and post them all soon.

New Bill of the Beach 9

I have considerably reworked and expanded the big orgy finale to this saga. Here are the first few:

New Bill of the Beach 8

Not too many changes here except for Bill tearing his own clothes off.
See full sequence here.
Keep those ideas coming! Some of them I like.

New Bill of the Beach 7

One all-new final frame. I hope to expand the Bill of the Beach saga, please send your suggestions! My plan is to insert the new stuff before the big orgy. The big orgy will be the finale. I have completed it and will upload it soon after a few more tweaks.

New Bill of the Beach 6

I think I redrew his cock *yet again* in the first frame, and I removed Josh having a girl as I want to save Bill being coocoued for some new stuff I have planned. There really can only be at most one other person in the world who can take a girl from Bill.

The whole thing is being collected here for your slideshow pleasure.

New Bill of the Beach 5

More images, with some changes. I changed which girl tries to seduce Bill in the morning so that there is more plot to this thing. And I put in some frames for the seduction of the teacher that I had always planned.

New Bill of the Beach 4

I don't think I changed these, but here for completeness. Actually I may have reverted a few back to the earlier larger cock, I feel the initial drawings are more natural and fun, rather than attempting to accurately match them with each other. Actually now I remember I completely redrew Bill in the "Oh Fuck" frame, but I'm still not happy with it, something wrong there.