New Bill of the Beach 11

He completes the orgy's first pass, and a touching moment. Full series here.

New Bill of the Beach 10

The orgy continues! All new page showing that Sheena is a good planner and provided food. BTW I am working on this, I have it sketched to the amazing conclusion. Hope to colour and post them all soon.

New Bill of the Beach 9

I have considerably reworked and expanded the big orgy finale to this saga. Here are the first few:

New Bill of the Beach 8

Not too many changes here except for Bill tearing his own clothes off.
See full sequence here.
Keep those ideas coming! Some of them I like.

New Bill of the Beach 7

One all-new final frame. I hope to expand the Bill of the Beach saga, please send your suggestions! My plan is to insert the new stuff before the big orgy. The big orgy will be the finale. I have completed it and will upload it soon after a few more tweaks.

New Bill of the Beach 6

I think I redrew his cock *yet again* in the first frame, and I removed Josh having a girl as I want to save Bill being coocoued for some new stuff I have planned. There really can only be at most one other person in the world who can take a girl from Bill.

The whole thing is being collected here for your slideshow pleasure.

New Bill of the Beach 5

More images, with some changes. I changed which girl tries to seduce Bill in the morning so that there is more plot to this thing. And I put in some frames for the seduction of the teacher that I had always planned.

New Bill of the Beach 4

I don't think I changed these, but here for completeness. Actually I may have reverted a few back to the earlier larger cock, I feel the initial drawings are more natural and fun, rather than attempting to accurately match them with each other. Actually now I remember I completely redrew Bill in the "Oh Fuck" frame, but I'm still not happy with it, something wrong there.

New Bill of the Beach 2

I will collect the full series in the previous post.

Here are totally new panels showing Bill's delicate seduction techniques, and a full page of cock. My scanner broke 😞 and I wasted some time trying to use photos (they are never an even colour and always have distortion), so a lot of this is my early attempts to draw directly on the computer, producing a different look. I am getting more comfortable with it so later stuff looks more like my ink drawings.

New Bill of the Beach

Various touchups and new drawings that I have added. See if you can spot the changes. Hope they are all for the better. I added more dialog copied from a ripoff of this I found where that person had added more text.
This post will now be edited into a slide show of all the entire comic, updated as I upload more.