Bill of the Beach 40

Bill's cock shows the first signs of tiring. But a woman begging to be pleased still works.

The entire Bill of the Beach saga for slideshowing is HERE.

More Bill of the Beach replacement pages

I seem to keep fiddling with these. Be sure to update to make sure you have the finest version!

For the rest the only change here is colour correction. These were still the versions for my old crappy monitor that I seem to have forgotten to replace:

Bill of the Beach 38

Bill's sexual stamina is greater than he is.

Bill of the Beach 35

I'm drawing these as fast as I can. See the whole thing here.

Bar Stool

More Bill of the Beach is coming, but I painted in another one of my old drawings:

As soon as she saw the incredibly muscular and handsome stud arrive in the bar she gave him the come-hither look. Despite his shyness, he responded, approaching, and she gave here most smoldering look, as the sight of him was overwhelming her with desire. And as he came closer his body responded, shocking her as his zipper burst and then the button popped on his shorts and his powerful huge cock was revealed. His body took over his mind, making him firm and confident, and as he touched her she realized with both fear and intense lust what she had unleashed.

Despite the sketchiness of this and his overwhelming her it seems like the dimensions are more realistic. He is 6'1 and has a 56" chest, 26" arms, 30" waist, 29" thigh, 20" calves, and 17" cock that is 13.5" around. She is 5'6 and measures 39-21-32.

Bill of the Beach 34

Ok that's all I have scanned right now. Drawing more ... any ideas for things that happen during this orgy are welcome!

Bill of the Beach 32

Bill rips off a dress with his cock, by request. Flexing off a girl's clothes was my idea.

Bill of the Beach: The Thickening

Even though I did take some time off, I have not been completely idle. I seem to have retouched a large number of frames of Bill of the Beach, the new ones are here. Mostly these were to make Bill's cock a consistent size and shape, in almost all cases it is a bit shorter and a lot thicker. I also tried to make his first erection more special, realize that the teacher could no way resist him for more than a few seconds, and redraw Josh because he did not look impressive enough to detract from Bill. Here you go:

As usual the full sequence, including these updates, is here: here.

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Bill of the Beach 28

Sorry about the delay. I was moving. But Bill's saga continues.

Bill of the Beach 26

Finally got around to deciding what should happen next...

Whole thing is visible here.

More Bill of the Beach replacements

I completely forgot that I had made an alternative to Bill just tearing womens clothes off, here is a replacement for pages 4 + 5:

And here is a replacement for page 13 with one of the images flipped as it seems better this way:

Yea, yea I know. New stuff is coming soon, and Bill will fuck more woman than he has ever before.